A Hand Up

an opportunity with dignity

One Magazine, Huge Possibility


Speak Up provides a unique work opportunity for people experiencing poverty and homelessness. Individuals can become micro-enterprise owners who buy and sell copies of Speak Up and earn a generous profit.

People on the streets and vulnerably-housed receive 20 free copies the magazine (following interview and training) which they sell for the cover price and keep all the cash. Then they reinvest and buy more copies for half the cover price.

This opportunity provides a seed of opportunity as well as weekly support through workshops and ongoing training. The effort and dedication of the participants determine their success or not. Since launching in 2011, Speak Up has equipped over 200 individuals to take ownership of their lives and redefine their story.


The simple and straightforward process begins with a visit to the  local Speak Up office.

  1. Sign up for an interview in person
  2. Come to the interview
  3. Come to New Vendor Orientation
  4. Get 20 free zines and start selling.
  5. Keep the cash you earn and reinvest to buy more.

Vendor Code of Conduct

All vendors sign and are expected to abide by a Code of Conduct. Read it here.

 ID Badges

All Speak Up vendors are expected to display a current (not expired) ID Badge that includes their name and photo.

Vendors and Donations

Speak Up vendors should never ask customers for donations–for Speak Up or for themselves. They are micro-business owners, not nonprofit fundraisers. If you wish to tip a vendor, do so freely. However, if a vendor asks you for a tip or donation, they are doing so in violation of the code of conduct. You can help them and others by reporting any such instances immediately. Thank you!

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