We Have The Smartest People

Thanks for Sharing Your Thoughts! Thank you to those who replied to the recent email and post asking for input about how to bridge the “print to digital” divide. In particular: thanks Owen, Amy, Hamilton, Harry, John, Larry, and Ben for jumping into the conversation. Here Are Some of Your Ideas: Equip Speak Up vendors […]

Issue 85 – i am vince

I guess I haven’t turned the page on what occurred in my life on December 17th. What began as generosity had become slavery. My host/ruler had turned me from a live-in housekeeper and pet sitter into an indentured servant with the constant threat of being homeless at the drop of a hat. Read the Full […]

Moving Forward

We (you, them, us) have been in this journey together for close to a decade. The folks facing homelessness write their stories, which are published into printed booklets. They sell those magazines and earn money. You buy their magazines, read the stories, engage them in meaningful community, and donate to keep it going. Looking ahead, […]

Speak Up is Not Fake News

Speak Up gives an authentic voice and a real work opportunity to people facing homelessness. This has never been more important than now, when distrust of leaders and media is at an all-time high. With Speak Up, You can know with confidence that stories you read in the magazine are written directly by people who […]

Speak Up Won!

JUST ANNOUNCED: SPEAK UP WON! A few hours ago in Glasgow, Scotland, at the annual International Network of Street Papers Summit, Speak Up was announced as the winner of the award for “Best Vendor Contribution.” We are so proud of writer Vince for sharing this intimate and authentic portrait of his life on the streets. This […]