Edward is winning the fight against homelessness.

Things are getting better—one magazine at a time.

He buys copies of Speak Up magazine for $1 and sells them for $2, using the profits to better his life.

Each copy of the magazine moves him one step closer to independence.

Subscribe to give him the tools he needs.

You get a magazine in the mail each month. He gets paid $2 and receives additional magazines to sell.

You also help pay for the printing of additional magazines which provide a sustainable opportunity to others on the streets.

Subscription Break-Down

The first $6 dollars puts a magazine in your mailbox and pays $2 to Edward.

Half of the remaining dollars buys magazines for Edward and half prints magazines for new sellers.

Example: from a $40 subscription—

  • A magazine to your mailbox
  • Edward is paid $2
  • You give him 17 magazines, which he will sell to earn $34
  • Plus an additional 17 magazines are produced for Speak Up to sustainably offer the opportunity to others


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