You want to know the truth about the poor and powerless.

So you read Speak Up.

So you read Speak Up.


People on the streets and facing injustice write the magazine.

It gives them a voice.


They sell magazines to the public and earn money.

It gives them a job.


You read, learn and connect.

The world is better now.

Get the magazine each month.

And support a homeless street vendor.


Calling enlightened donors

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A Chat With Vendor Sheila Apperson

HOW DID YOU LEARN ABOUT SPEAK UP? I was really at a low place in my life and was battling some depression and homelessness. A SpeakUp vendor at that time sat down next to me and talked about the hope, opportunity and respect it had given him. It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me.


Let me tell you the truth about prison.Prison is not a place where anyone wants to go. The officers treat you like caged animals. You get your good ones and bad ones. The prison food is no good. The nurses are no good. They do not care about the inmates. They will let y

Loss of Custody

One day, I found myself living as a single person instead of a single parent. I lost the custody of my son, Joshua. Joshua and I had worn out two strollers traveling here and there while enjoying each day. I potty trained him, taught him his colors, numbers, letters and

Mental Health and the Streets

There are a lot of life issues on the street.  A lot of “non-homeless” people think of those of us  who are “homeless” as mere “bums” and “drunks”.  The reality is that we “homeless” deal with the same life issues as those who are not “homeless.”  We may or may not have