Speak Up Magazine has been publishing since 2011. We’re trying new stuff to make it sharper, more relevant and create a bigger impact for readers and for street entrepreneurs selling it.


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Something New

After 18 months of publishing Speak Up Zine on a near-monthly basis, it became clear that we needed to to try something new. Although the zine contributors, all of whom have been homeless, and many readers have strongly appreciated the homeless-only authorship of the zine, there was a growing internal consensus that it was not a compelling read.

To date, our entire purpose with the publication has been to create a unique product that street entrepreneurs sell in order to make a livable income…if the product wasn’t compelling, their sales wouldn’t be either.


Photo Credits: We drew heavily from stock photo-sharing blog

Debbie Shaw took all the phtotos of Chuck.

Haley McCord did the illustrations for Pennies

Peggi Knowe took the lovely photos of Velda.