step one: get her off the streets

Update: $720 is Pledged Monthly — of $1,000 Monthly Goal


Ruth is going through a hard time. People who love her know this. She needs a lot.

Her community is large and generous.

Together we can take care of her monthly housing costs as a means of supporting and empowering her toward a healthier life.

More Details About This

To rally support from Ruth’s friends and community to help her stay off the streets, so long as she moves forward with personal empowerment and steady growth toward a healthy, sustainable future.

$1,000 monthly recurring to pay for housing and additional life expenses for Ruth. This employs a version of the “housing first model”—first ensuring housing stability as the prerequisite to everything else.

August 16, 2016 — as of late-June a stable housing situation has been secured for Ruth, she is happily renting a room from a local couple.

Partners are invited to donate to Speak Up with the designation of supporting Ruth’s efforts to stabilize her life—which includes housing, income through self-employed magazine selling, and eventually pursuit of legal citizenship status. Only support collected through the speakupmag.org/ruth portal will be applied toward this endeavor.

(Note: Speak Up will not be giving cash directly to Ruth, as doing so would disqualify these donations from tax-deductible status and fall outside of the organization’s program purposes. Instead, Speak Up will administer the purchase of housing so long as she continues to participate in the magazine empowerment “vendor” program of buying and selling magazines as an independent micro-business owner.)

Financial support. — Thank you for the continued support. 

Help track down a good place for her to stay. — As of mid-summer 2017, Ruth has secured an affordable room to rent in Charlotte.

Continued and additional financial support. — The Ruth Housing fund spent more money than it had through the late Spring 2017 months and needs to repay approximately $2,500 overspent by Speak Up. Additional funds will be used to ensure that her cellphone service also continues — and support her efforts to sell magazines for income that covers basics like transportation, food, medical expenses, etc.

Someone—or a group of someones—to assist her in gaining legal citizenship status.

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