Speak Up is Not Fake News

Speak Up gives an authentic voice and a real work opportunity to people facing homelessness.

This has never been more important than now, when distrust of leaders and media is at an all-time high. With Speak Up, You can know with confidence that stories you read in the magazine are written directly by people who have have faced homelessness, presented without agenda or bias. And you can know that each of the magazines published represents a money-earning opportunity: hard-working people sell the magazines in public places and use the earnings to better their lives and get off the streets. It’s real work.

Speak Up displays a vision of America where even the most poor and oppressed can have a voice and find opportunity to rise up. These ideas of freedom, independence, and self-determination may be old, but their bold power in individual lives is newly potent every day.

Even in 2019!

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