Let me tell you the truth about prison.Prison is not a place where anyone wants to go. The officers treat you like caged animals. You get your good ones and bad ones. The prison food is no good. The nurses are no good. They do not care about the inmates. They will let you die. I knew someone who was very sick, and he died on his bed. It took two hours for the nurses to get to his cell after he died.

Now let me tell you about the bad officers. They bring drugs to the inmates, and female officers have sex with male inmates. Then they say that they were raped so they will not lose their jobs. The truth is that the inmates did not rape the nurses or the female officers. The inmates then feel that they have to pay them money—$100, $200, sometimes $1,000. I know this. This is the truth, and God knows that this is the truth. Now the world knows the truth.

16 Franklin Wright - Artwork

I’ve been raped in prison, and the officers did nothing about it. I tried to kill myself ten times. I went to the hospital three times and stayed seven days all three times. The sergeant, captain, lieutenant and doctor do not care about the inmates. They do not want to give medicine to inmates. They will take money from an inmate ($20) for a sick call. The FBI needs to know the truth about state prisons.

Trust me, I know.