Vince writes for Speak Up.

The magazine gives a voice and income for people fighting their way off the streets.

The buy copies for a low price, sell them one by one, and keep all the profits.

Each issue is filled with stories of people on the streets, giving a voice to the voiceless.

This gives a voice and an immediate income opportunity. People facing homelessness become writers, advocates, and entrepreneurs.

I’ve seen people’s attitudes and perceptions about me, and homeless people in general, change in an instant after reading a paragraph or two. Vince

You can help by sending magazines to Vince.

He’ll sell them one by one,
keep the profits,
move himself toward stability,
and ultimately off the streets.


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Magazines Sent to Vince


Earned Profit for Him

A Monthly Seed

Send magazines to Vince each month.

When you give $4 to send one magazine, he earns $10 by selling it.

$32 from you = $80 for him.

$128 from you = $320 for him.

The gift is tax-deductible. 

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