As I conclude the second week of my internship here at Speak Up, I have really begun to get into the groove of things and am becoming familiar with many new faces. The environment here at Speak Up, and in Area 15 in general, is like one big loving family. The vibe at Speak Up always seems to be a pleasant one. Daily, I am greeted with smiling faces and inspirational words. The Vendors, walk-ins, and friends of Speak up are continually making this a pleasant experience.

dias area 15

On the work end, I am excited to begin working on the many new ideas and endeavors we have been brainstorming upon for Speak Up. This week we began Talk about It Tuesday. A question will be posted every Tuesday on our Facebook and Twitter and will be left open to discussion for the week. With social networks being such a prominent force these days, increasing our social media presence and interaction is a key step in increasing awareness.

As an intern for Speak Up, my main goal is to increase public awareness of this wonderful organization. Doing so will ultimately result in increased magazine sales; thus creating more income opportunities for our vendors.

In these two weeks, one thing that I have noticed is Speak Up is an organization very focused on the well being of its people. Here at Speak Up, people are the priority. To the people that Speak Up helps, it is more than just a magazine. To them Speak Up is a means of income, a helping hand, a smiling face or just someone to talk to.

Dias is a senior at Johnson and Wales University, where she is studying Marketing.

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