We (you, them, us) have been in this journey together for close to a decade. The folks facing homelessness write their stories, which are published into printed booklets. They sell those magazines and earn money. You buy their magazines, read the stories, engage them in meaningful community, and donate to keep it going.

Looking ahead, there are some big growth opportunities for us to tackle.

  1. Bridge the print to digital divide without killing the income-earning piece. Speak Up is a print magazine, the booklets sold by street vendors are physical copies and the only way for you to engage with those stories is by reading the copy you hold in your hands. Over the coming year, we must develop and begin to implement a strategy for transitioning to (or bridging to) the digital space without losing the core income-earning component that has historically come from individual copies being sold one by one.
  2. Structure the vendor opportunity (homeless people who sell the magazines) so it can scale numerically and geographically. This has been a tension since day one: we’ve endeavored multiple times to bring Speak Up into new communities across the nation. How can we restructure so that such growth is normal?
  3. Develop a long-term funding model that naturally grows as Speak Up’s impact grows. Speak Up is a non-profit that is support 75% by individual donors like you and 25% by small businesses and churches. 2018 saw a 40% drop in funding and revealed the need for enhanced stability and greater diversity of sources.

I believe that we’ll discover a cohesive strategy that unifies and answers all three of those challenges in a complimentary way.

Those above growth opportunity goals are also open questions to you: what are your thoughts on how to do that? Please email with your thoughts or to schedule a conversation.

You Are Essential

Your partnership is critical in two days.

  1. Share your input. See above.
  2. Donate. Even while we sharpen the tools and refine the approach, the core work continues. Your support keeps is going.

Keep it Going

Support the cycle of empowerment

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