Vince is winning the fight against homelessness.

Things are getting better—one magazine at a time.

Vince partners with Speak Up to sell a magazine that gives a voice to the voiceless and puts money into his pocket.

Subscribe to buy Vince the magazines he needs.

Your tax-deductible contribution supports Vince’s participation as a member of the Speak Up Network.

Each magazine is a seed that gives a voice to the those without a voice, enriches the public conversation, empowers Vince with a work opportunity, and moves him closer to housing stability.

Subscription Break-Down:

Print, ship, and equip Vince with magazines at $1.25 each.

Example From a $30 Subscription
— 24 magazines mailed to Vince
— BONUS: A magazine shipped to you as well

GOAL: $750 will allow Vince to earn at least $1,200 monthly and reach an initial level of sustainability. 

Thanks for getting this far!

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