Thanks for Sharing Your Thoughts!

Thank you to those who replied to the recent email and post asking for input about how to bridge the “print to digital” divide.

In particular: thanks Owen, Amy, Hamilton, Harry, John, Larry, and Ben for jumping into the conversation.

Here Are Some of Your Ideas:

  • Equip Speak Up vendors with QR codes that allows them to sell digital copies of the magazine.
  • Vendors could wear a QR-code equipped t-shirt that allows folks to easily scan that to make a non-cash purchase or donation.
  • Sell a mini printed magazine that unlocks additional content that can be read on a mobile phone or digital device.
  • Set up a web page for each long-time vendor as a means of telling their Speak Up story.
  • Use digital advertising keywords to spread the impact of Speak Up.
  • Whatever we do, ensure that “person to person contact” continues, since it is important on multiple fronts.
  • Create an easy digital pathway for individuals to capture/record and send “homeless stories” to Speak Up for publication. 
  • Supplement the printed magazine with punchy video content.
  • A Speak Up podcast with interviews from the streets.
  • Provide some of Speak Up’s stories in podcast/audio format through a digital subscription for the podcast.
  • Offer a paid membership site that offers a full digital copy of the magazine, additional content, community discussion and other resources.

Your Voice is Needed

If you didn’t get a chance to engage the conversation, no problem. Read the post Moving Forward and email your thoughts. Would love to still get your input on it and any of the above suggestions.

Have You Read The New Issue?

If you aren’t able to purchase a copy of the most recent issue from a street vendor (the magazine features an update from award-winning writer Vince Shumate), let us know and we’ll happily send it over in digital form.

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